Discussion Meetings


Describing depression

In March 2012, project researches in Durham met with Prof. Gail Hornstein. We discussed the nature of research into mental illness with specific reference to our questionnaire. Among the things that emerged from discussion was the importance of embracing the diversity of how people articulate their experiences, and the clues and insights that the language used can provide.


Suicidal Feelings and Depression

In February, members of the Durham research team met with researchers from the UK mental charity SANE. We discussed the depression questionnaire and the findings from SANE’s research on the phenomenological characteristics of different forms of suicidal feelings.


Temporality and depression

When you are depressed, the past and the future are absorbed entirely by the present moment … Being upset, even profoundly upset, is a temporal experience, while depression is a-temporal.” (Andrew Solomon, The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression)

In December 2011, the project team in Durham had a meeting with Prof. Shaun Gallagher to discuss the issue of temporality and depression. We talked about changes to the experience of time as they are described in depression, particularly with reference to the responses we have received to our depression questionnaire.