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Research Projects & Networks

animal emotionale: Interdisciplinary Research on Emotions in Neuroscience and Philosophy

An ongoing research project based in Germany investigating the complex issues relating the emotions, neuroscience and philosophy.


Emotions and Feelings in Psychiatric Illness

An interdisciplinary research network and project funded by an award from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) to Prof. Matthew Ratcliffe and Dr. Anthony Atkinson.


The Varieties of Moral Experience: A Phenomenological Investigation

These workshops brought together philosophers working in areas relevant to moral phenomenology, and explored the variety of ways in which phenomenology and phenomenological insights can be used to shed light on central questions in ethics. The workshops were organized by Dr. Benedict Smith, Prof. Matthew Ratcliffe and Dr. Simon James, and funded by the British Academy.


Hearing the Voice

Hearing the Voice is a multidisciplinary project being undertaken at Durham University. The project aims to help us better understand the phenomenon of hearing a voice no one else can hear (a phenomenon also referred to as auditory verbal hallucinations), its cognitive-neuroscientific mechanisms, its social, cultural and historical significance, and its therapeutic management.

Academics from Durham University’s Departments of Psychology, Philosophy, English Studies, Theology and Religion, and the Centre for Medical Humanities are working in conjunction with clinicians, voice-hearers and an advisory board of leading experts. In Durham, those involved include: Dr Charles Fernyhough (Psychology); Professor Jane Macnaughton (Centre for Medical Humanities, School of Medicine & Health); Professor Matthew Ratcliffe (Philosophy); Professor Corinne Saunders (English Studies); Professor Pat Waugh (English Studies); Dr Angela Woods (School of Medicine & Health); Professor Chris Cook (Theology); Dr Simon McCarthy-Jones (Psychology); Dr Susanne Weis (Psychology).

To find out more, visit the Hearing the Voice website here.


Centre for Medical Humanities

Durham University hosts a Centre for Medical Humanities. The Centre addresses an emerging field of enquiry in which humanities and social sciences perspectives are brought to bear upon an exploration of the human side of medicine.  It has funding support from the Wellcome Trust as well as other funders for specific projects. These perspectives have a key role to play in analysing expectations of medicine, and the relationship between medicine and our broader ideas of health, well-being and flourishing.

The Centre organizes many international and interdisciplinary research events, bringing together scholars from a variety of backgrounds. There is a very active blog related to the Centre, maintained by Dr. Angela Woods.