Project publications


Books & Journal special issues:

•Ratcliffe, M. 2013. The Modalities of Melancholy: A Phenomenological Study of Depression. Oxford: Oxford University Press (in preparation; International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry series).

•Ratcliffe, M., & Stephan A. (eds.) (forthcomingEmotional Experience in Depression. (A special issue of Journal of Consciousness Studies).


Journal Articles:

•Bowden, H. (forthcoming). A Phenomenological Study of Anorexia Nervosa. Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology.

•Colombetti, G., & Ratcliffe M. (in press) Bodily Feeling in Depersonalisation: a Phenomenological Account. Emotion Review.

•Ratcliffe, M., Broome, M., Smith, B. and Bowden, H. 2013. (forthcoming) A Bad Case of the Flu? The Comparative Phenomenology of Depression and Somatic Illness. Journal of Consciousness Studies. (penultimate draft).

•Ratcliffe, M. (in press) Varieties of Temporal Experience in Depression. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy. (penultimate draft).

•Ratcliffe, M. 2012. (in press) What is it to Lose Hope?. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. (penultimate draft).

•Ratcliffe, M. 2013. (forthcoming) Delusional Atmosphere and the Sense of Unreality. In One Century of Karl Jaspers’ General Psychopathology. Stanghellini, G. & Fuchs, T. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (penultimate draft).

•Ratcliffe, M. 2013. (forthcoming) Phenomenology, Naturalism and the Sense of Reality. Philosophy, Supplement. (penultimate draft).

•Ratcliffe, M. 2012. (forthcoming) The Structure of Interpersonal Experience. In Phenomenology of Embodied Subjectivity. Moran, D. & Jensen, R. Dordrecht: Springer. (penultimate draft).

•Ratcliffe, M. 2012. (forthcoming) Why Mood Matters. In Cambridge Companion to Being and Time. Wrathall, M. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (penultimate draft).

•Ratcliffe, M. (forthcoming) Depression and the Phenomenology of Free Will. (Fulford, K., Davies, M, Graham, Sadler, Stanghellini, Thornton, Ed.). Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry. (penultimate draft).

•Ratcliffe, M. 2012. (forthcoming) The Phenomenology of Existential Feeling. In The Feeling of Being Alive. Marienberg, S. & Fingerhut, J. Berlin: de Gruyter. (penultimate draft).

•Ratcliffe, M. 2012. (forthcoming) Phenomenology as a Form of Empathy. Inquiry. (penultimate draft).

•Ratcliffe, M. 2010. Depression, Guilt and Emotional Depth. Inquiry 53(6): 602-626. (penultimate draft).

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•Smith, B. (forthcoming). Depression and Motivation. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. (penultimate draft).

•Varga, S. 2011. Evolutionary Psychiatry and Depression. Testing Two Hypotheses. Medicine, Healthcare and Philosophy.

•Varga, S. 2011.  Defining Mental Disorder. Exploring the ‘Natural Functions’ Approach. Philosophy, Ethics and Humanities in Medicine. 6(1),

•Varga, S. 2011. Pretence, Social Cognition and Self-Knowledge in Autism. Psychopathology. 44, 45-52.

•Varga, S. 2011. Vulnerability to Psychosis, I-Thou Intersubjectivity and the Praecox-Feeling. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences.

•Varga, S. (in press) Realness, Expression and the Role of Others. Philosophy, Psychology and Psychiatry.

•Varga, S. (in press) Depersonalization and the Sense of Realness. Philosophy, Psychology and Psychiatry.


See here for Angela Woods’s recent review, of From Melancholia to Prozac: A History of Depression (Oxford University Press, 2012), by Clark Lawlor.